How we practice law

The legal profession is changing.  Here’s how we’ve responded to it.

PREDICTABLE PRICING.   We routinely provide clear price estimates for deal work. We offer fixed fee pricing for many process-driven services. Bring us several similar deals — which is usually the way we work — and you get a better price. Work with us on process, so that your deals can be run, negotiated and documented efficiently, and then you get really good deals. Because it’s more efficient for everybody that way.


  • The bulk programs we’ve run, where we created and managed fast, effective programs for clients to close dozens or hundreds of deals for national and international clients, including acquisition and leasing programs and commercial financings.
  • How we approach workouts, focusing on getting troubled assets resolved quickly, instead of camping out in court for years.
  • How we bring in skilled practitioners, to augment our expertise when needed for specific projects.

REASONABLE RATES.   Our fees average about half of those of the big firms we came from. Your work is handled by partner-level practitioners, sometimes assisted by experienced contract lawyers who work for us on a project-by-project basis.   You pay less because we don’t need 6 offices, 24-hour copy centers, and a dozen new law school grads to do our job.

Here’s the secret – for most deals, neither does anyone else.  It’s the 21st century.  Why pay extra for the marble floors and mahogany paneling?

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