OCC Presentations to Clients

O’Connor Cochran LLP lawyers frequently meet with our clients to offer them educational programs tailored to their individual business needs.  Programs we have done for clients recently include:

  • Structuring and Enforcing Commercial Real Estate Loans in California: Strategies for Maximizing Lender Leverage
  • How to Maximize Your Loan Recovery (Without Being Trapped by the One Action and Other California Rules)
  • Enforcing CRE Loans In California: Lessons Learned from the Great Recession 
  • Current Developments in Enforcing California Guaranties
  • Making Money Through Leasing: How to Use Leases to Maximize the Value of Your REO Asset
  • UCC Article 9 Issues for Lenders and Servicers: New Rules, Old Tricks and Pitfalls to Avoid
  • What to Do First When Your Borrower Defaults: How to get the Most Leverage in Loan Modifications and Prenegotiation Agreements

Other programs offered to clients include:

  • How to expedite real estate acquisitions by using a systematized approach including standardized letters of intent and purchase and sale agreements;
  • How to most effectively roll out a new retail concept, including the use of letters of credit as credit support for a new company
  • Issues every party should consider in a purchase and sale transaction

Upon requests from our clients, we also will provide personalized review of their standard documents and suggestions about how to improve them.

℘  See also:   OCC eBook on Structuring and Enforcing Commercial Real Estate Loans in California