A systematic approach: how it’s done

Our lead partners work with our clients’ principals to plan a strategy and process for site acquisition and contracting.  In a program for multiple sites, especially when time is critical, the business principals, brokers, construction team, lawyers and others must collaborate closely to assess and acquire sites, have them improved, and get the stores ready to open timely.  The most important issues are:
  • the right teams of highly qualified professionals (across multiple service providers) to close deals efficiently;
  • implementing clear processes to make effective use of time, avoid delays and assure seamless coordination;  and
  • keeping lease and purchase negotiations as cost‐effective as possible.
After working out the approach with our retail clients, we implement it, working closely with their brokers and other third party service providers, and keep refining and monitoring it, to stay on schedule and assure quality.   Ask us about out experience with school-bus, sign-on-the-hood site acquisition tours.
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